xdebug recursion limit

xdebug is Debugger and Profiler Tool for PHP.Xdebug replaces PHP’s var_dump() function for displaying variables.It is an formatted displaying variables by which a developer can understand variables and arrays more clearly.By default xdebug has an limit,after this limit it shows …… Here i give an example how it looks

  'one' => string 'a somewhat long string!' (length=23)
  'two' => 
      'two.one' => 
          'two.one.zero' => int 210
          'two.one.one' => 
  'three' => 
      public 'pub' => 
      private 'priv' => boolean true
      protected 'prot' => int 42
  'four' => 
      0 => int 0
      1 => int 1
      2 => int 2
      3 => int 3
      4 => int 4
      5 => int 5

See in … there is another child,but it not shows cause for xdebug nesting limit.
In this blog we know how to increase the xdebug limit as recursive.For increase limit at first you need to go to php.ini in your php server like apache or nignx.Then put those below line and it will increase recursive limit as you need for var_dump().

After putting those in php.ini you need to restart the server.Then it will shows the full array if there is so much bigger multidimensional and many nesting array.