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Mandrill PHP Mail

In php project we need to send mail for different purpose.For sending mail there are lots of packages likes phpmailer,mandrill php etc.Most of the project need to send mail.For send mail in php a option is use php mail function.You can take a look on for php mail function

Not only to send mail sometimes we need to know is that mail send or is that mail opened or which mail sent my user.For this a option on your hand that is mandrill.Mandrill is a very use full and renounce mailing system.In this blog we know to use mandrill php packagist.

For that at first we need to create an account in mandrill.Then log in in mandrill.Then Create an API key in mandrill.

Then you need to require mandrill in your composer.json file.See how to require mandrill in composer.json

Require mandrill php in composer.json

Then run composer install from your terminal.After composer install you can found this packagist in your project vendor file.The folder structure will be


Here is the packagist url

And also mandrill bitbucket url

You can follow mandrill documentation in here

Let see how can we use mandrill php.

Use mandrill php in php

By following this code you can send a mandrill php mail.And can see the report in mandrill.So use mandrill php and enjoy!!!!!