laravel html helper

Laravel HTML Helper

In laravel 4 we can use form and html helper,without any hassle.But when we go on laravel 5 we see that laravel html helper is not work.Like in laravel 4 use we use that for css add {{ HTML::style(‘path of the css’) }}.But in laravel 5 default we are not found,because for keep more light laravel is not add this dependency in their packagist,cause some people use html helper and some are not.If we want to use laravel html helper in laravel 5 we need to require this packagist in our projects composer.json file.See how to require packagist in composer.json

Require Laravel Html Helper in Composer.json

Here i gave you packagist url

Also Github URL

If you are not using composer.josn file you need to download this packagist from github.

Then run composer update from your terminal to download this laravel html helper packagist in your project directory.Then run composer dump-autoload from your terminal to get class map.

After that follow this

Add Dependency File In Laravel

Then where you use html or form helper code it will run like {!! HTML::style(‘path of the css’) !!}.

So this is the technique to use laravel html helper with your laravel project.