Kingpabel Jquery ajax

Jquery Ajax With Your Project

Jquery ajax is the most use full and needed for any project.In this article we will know how to write a ajax with jquery event.Suppose we have a form in html we need to write a jquery ajax code for save this form data through php when we click on submit button.Let see how write a html form.

Html form for jquery ajax

See here is a html form in here a form id.You will work using this id.Suppose we need to save name,email,roll filed information using php and mysql.For that we need to use and php page or url when we click on submit page.Lets see how to use ajax with jquery event

Ajax with jquery event

There will be comment before every line why it used.If can’t problem to mean anything feel free to comment me.You can use event not only submit but also click,keyup,keydown,change etc which you needed.