Missing a temporary folder

Missing a temporary folder in PHP

Missing a temporary folder is most common error in wp project.Sometimes when we upload a file like wordpress or any other php project we shows an error that Missing a temporary folder.In this article we know how to solve this missing a temporary folder error.When we upload file the first file is uploaded in a temporary folder,if your php.ini did not set any upload temporary folder or set wrong temporary folder it will shows missing a temporary folder.To solve this Create a /tmp folder and give it 777 permission.To solve in your local server you need to open your php.ini file and change your temporary upload directory.

Solve in Local Server
upload_tmp_dir ="/path/to/tmp"

If you shows this error on your hosting server Create a /tmp folder and give it 777 permission. Also create a php.ini in your hosting root and put a line like below

Solve in Hosting Server
upload_tmp_dir = /home/username/public_html/tmp
Solve in WordPress

If you face this problem in your wordpress project copy this php.ini file in your wp-admin folder.After that it will solve and you are happy.