Fedex Tracking Api Using PHP

Fedex is a worldwide shipping system.Most of the product base company use fedex as their shipping system.From this tutorial we know how to use fedex tracking api using php in your php project.By fedex tracking you will get package current location,package information and many others.For test fedex tracking api we need to create a fedex developer account.After creating fedex developer account login in fedex developer.After login click Fedex office web service from the left menu.Then click develop and test from the submenu

After that you will get file to download.From the list of programming select php and download the fedex tracking package.Also download wsdl file.Then click get your test key for create a test key.

Fedex Developer Test Key Information

After creating test key you will get some information like as

  1. Developer Test Key
  2. Test Account Number
  3. Test Meter Number

Then check you mail.In your mail you will found Test Password.It’s on mail for confidential issue.Collect all of this credential.

Then open the file what you downloaded for fedex tracking api.Look there is fedex library file that is fedex-common.php and a wsdl file that is TrackService_v9.wsdl and also a file TrackWebServiceClient.php5 for fedex tracking.

It’s very easy to fedex tracking using php api.Just use your Test Key,password,account number and meter number and also that tracking code what you need to query.See here i give an example how to track using those credential and tracking number.

If you run this file it will return many of information like package current location,Door tag number,Dimensions.Weight and many others information.If you check this tracking code in fedex website you will get same information what you already get in fedex tracking api.

Enjoy with fedex!!!!!!!!